About Us

We Draw From Nature

Clean is in our DNA

H3O Water Solutions is an industry leader in the technology of creating pure, clean environments for healthy living. Traditional toxic cleaning chemicals are destroying our health and our planet. We lessen our exposure to toxic chemicals by creating solutions with all-natural elements found in nature.

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Pure water, salt, and electricity — engineered to meet all your cleaning needs.


Better for the environment — no toxic remnants that could be harmful to pets and children.


We are committed to making a healthier, safer, and more sustainable world for everyone.


What makes H3O Water Solutions different from other cleaning products?

Our products abandons harsh chemicals and toxic fumes to produce a proprietary formula that cleans surfaces from households to hospitals. Our products are naturally derived, sustainable and Eco-friendly. Yet, they are equally or even more effective than the more toxic products on the market.
Are your products a “diluted bleach solution”?
Absolutely not. Our product’s pH are in a neutral range. Bleach solution is of a very high pH, is not shelf stable, and has to be used quickly to be an effective disinfectant.
Are your products safe to use around children and pets?
Absolutely! Our products should always be used in accordance with the directions on our label. However, unlike many other cleaners and disinfectants our products are free of dangerous synthetic chemicals and toxic fumes and is gentle enough to use around people, plants, and pets,
Are your products sold in stores?
Our products are not available in stores. They are only available at www.h3owatersolutions.com.
Do you offer commercial pricing?
Yes, we offer commercial pricing on all our products. For more information, please email kevin@h3owatersoltuions.com

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